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Infrastructure Cabling

CMOS technology’s structured cabling solutions cover all aspects of cable design, installation, management and integration into existing systems. With over 15 years of expertise our highly experienced installers have worked on everything from single office spaces to challenging outdoor installations and are trained to the highest standards. We are mindful that every business has a very specific set of cabling needs,requirements and budgetary limitations.

We are mindful that every business has a very specific set of cabling needs,requirements and budgetary limitations, and it is our job to ensure you find the most cost-effective and value-for-money solution. Our skilled installers are always on-hand to help you to find the right cabling solution for both the immediate performance of your network and for any future changes orunforeseen faults.

Copper Data Cabling

Copper Data Cabling (LAN Cabling or Ethernet Cabling) uses twisted-pair copper wires to facilitate the transfer of data from one connected device to another. As networking has evolved, many new ‘standards’ of copper data cabling have emerged (Cat6, 6a & 7). Cat 5e is the most common, however we can provide any standard of cable that you may require. Ideal for voice and data, copper data cabling offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive fibre optic network infrastructures.


Using glass fibres to transmit data at the speed-of-light, fibre optic installations are suitable to projects where fast, high bandwidth, data transfer is required over large distances. Aside from the potential speed and capacity of fibre optic cabling, other notable advantages over copper include a resistance to magnetic or electric interference and corrosion, a more compact form-factor and a lower loss in signal transmission.

No matter what condition your current I.T solution is at we will be happy to take a look and guide you in the right direction

Client Testimonials

The team from C-MOS are a godsend, being a fabrication factory is important that my computer systems are running as smooth as possible. Excellent service provided by you guys!

Garry Furnival

IT Technical Manager - R&S Laser Cutting

I have worked with C-MOS for the last 10 years, they are very reliable and have never let me down even in the toughest of moments.

Ramzan Sharif

Director - Fountain Solicitors

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24 Stafford St, Walsall WS28DG

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