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Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless connections are fast becoming the primary method of connecting to a network, and demands on business wireless are increasing as more devices connect.

By utilising wireless heat map technology, Network 24 can create a wireless network that offers the best coverage across required areas, and highlights the optimum place to locate your indoor or outdoor wireless access points whilst taking device density into consideration.

Wireless at Work

We provide businesses and education with secure yet accessible wireless

networks that are reliable, robust, simple to manage and are scalable for future business growth.

We supply and install low cost as well as high end access points. Our wireless solutions are used by businesses of all sizes, schools and guest houses.

Point to Point (P2P) Wireless

Wireless point to point bridges offer an alternative solution to wired connections between two "points" (for example two separate buildings). P2P wireless connections are often more financially viable than a wired alternative or are suitable when a connection is required fairly promptly, but still retain the high performance and reliability required in a business environment.

Benefits of WiFi

  • Cost saving - We are working with businesses who are adopting a WiFi only approach. There's no need for any physical cabling to their desks as they utilize wireless access points we have installed.

  • Network monitoring - With some of our products it's possible to view online who is using your network, where they are located and what they are using the internet for. This deep level of data can help you make the most of your network whilst protecting it from outside interference.

  • Brand Awareness - If your business offers WiFi to customers or guests, you can utilize your network to reinforce your brand with Facebook check in, splash pages etc.

No matter what condition your current I.T solution is at we will be happy to take a look and guide you in the right direction

Client Testimonials

The team from C-MOS are a godsend, being a fabrication factory is important that my computer systems are running as smooth as possible. Excellent service provided by you guys!

Garry Furnival

IT Technical Manager - R&S Laser Cutting

I have worked with C-MOS for the last 10 years, they are very reliable and have never let me down even in the toughest of moments.

Ramzan Sharif

Director - Fountain Solicitors

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Visit our Location

24 Stafford St, Walsall WS28DG

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